Friday, September 10, 2010

Anticipating FRMC Charlie's Chaplains' Now-Infamous Skool '10

Skool '10 registration has officially closed, and FRMC Charlie's Chaplains are preparing to roll out the Red Carpet for several out-of-state attendees who will be joining festivities and fun at the group's 9th consecutive Skool.

"Skool" was devised by coordinator Becky Cortino in 2003, when she first developed the concept -- to bring professionals in to share their passions as related to entertaining and cheering the patients at Frye Regional Medical Center.

Since it's inception, FRMC Charlie's Chaplains' Skool as of this year, will have trained 245 hospital clowns and healthcare family entertainers. The Skool opened it's doors to other ministries, groups, troupes and out-of-state guests in 2004.

"Each year's theme is totally different... the formatting and programming are based on FRMC Charlie's Chaplains' training needs," said Chief Skool Instigator and group coordinator Becky Cortino. Becky regularly shares her experienced insight on establishing, training, preparing and equipping hospital/caring clown and healthcare family entertainer groups on her blog:

Next year marks the hospital ministry's 20th anniversary and a grand worldwide celebration is being planned!

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